Video Archive – 2021 Conference - שמרנות ישראלית | Israeli Conservatism

Video Archive – 2021 Conference

Roger Hertog Hosts Mike Pompeo

Is the United States Still the Global Policeman?

Dr. Jonathan Silver Hosts Dr. Yoram Hazony

Strong Nations are Built on Strong Families

Amiad Cohen Hosts Michael Eisenberg and Dan Senor

The Small Entrepreneur and the Big Government – Dealing With Crises

Mem Bernstein Gives Professor Ruth Wisse the

Herzl Prize for Lifetime Achievement

Dr. Martin Kramer Hosts Outgoing Ambassador David Friedman

The Real Meaning of the Abraham Accords

Naveh Dromi Hosts Shmuel Abuhav and Ricky Maman

Why do teachers unions hate our kids?

Dr. Yuval Levin Hosts Eric Cohen and Robert Nicholson

How Jews and Christians Will Renew American Civil Society Together

Dr. Jonathan Silver Hosts John Podhoretz

Our Children On the Front: The Jewish-American Parent and His Kids on Campus

Professor Victor Davis Hanson and Matthew Continetti

American Conservatism at a Crossroads

Aylana Meisel Hosts Dr. Gadi Taub and Dr. Peter Berkowitz

Cultural Struggles – Israel and the US: What’s Different, What’s the Same

Alex Traiman Hosts Dr. Ran Baratz and Yaakov Katz

The Fourth Elections and the Future of Israeli Conservatism

Senator Tom Cotton and Eliot Abrams

America, Israel, and the Iranian Threat: Courses of Action

Dr. Jonathan Silver Hosts Dr. Leon Kass and Ben Shapiro

The Bible’s Influence on Western Culture

Roger Hertog Hosts General (ret.) Jack Keane

Who Threatens the Global Order – and What Can We Do About It

Rotem Sela Hosts Shlomi Fogel

How Can Israel’s Economy Exit the Corona Crisis?

Caroline Glick

Does American Jewry have a future?

Aylana Meisel Hosts MK Michal Cotler-Wunsh and Professor Irwin Cotler

The Nation State in Human Rights Discourse: The Hague Against Israel

Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveitchik

The Global Meanings of American Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital