Dr. Yoram Hazony - שמרנות ישראלית | Israeli Conservatism

Dr. Yoram Hazony

Dr. Hazony is an Israeli philosopher, Bible scholar, and political theoretician. He is President of the Herzl Institute, Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation, and former Chairman of the Shalem Academic Center. He is also a director of the Jewish Theology and Philosophy Project of the John Templeton Foundation.

Hazony studies and writes about philosophy and theology, political theory and the history of intellectualism. His book The Virtue of Nationalism, translated into Hebrew and published by Shibolet, was given the Book of the Year Award by the ISI for 2019. His articles are published in important journals and papers in the US and Israel including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Commentary, The New Republic, and more.

He has a PhD in Theology from Rutgers University and was the first editor of the conservative Princeton student newspaper. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife Yael. They have nine children.