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About the Conservatism Conference

From Intuition to Conception, From Thoughts to Words, From Improvisation Into Policy

Actions speak louder than words, so the saying goes. There’s truth to that. Those who observe the everyday choices of Israelis will see that they are full of faith. Israelis – across the board – have more children than others in the West, since they consider the world to be a good place to live and populate. They serve in the army, hotly debate politics, and vote in high rates, based on the love and appreciation they have for the Jewish nation state. They establish communities, charity projects, and civil society organizations, because they believe in the good that comes from the ground up, based on familiarity and mutual solidarity towards others.

But small actions alone do not speak loudly enough. In the larger public sphere, words have the power to drive reality, and shape the framework in which day to day life can flourish or, God forbid, be strangled. The Israeli intuitions instictively align with the conservative beliefs in their hearts. But the ideas characterizing the dominant intellectual discourse and the zeitgeist of policy shapers in Israel come from elsewhere. We seek to change this reality.

The conservative movement aims to translate the conservative, wise, and sober insights of Israelis into a clear language, and an intellectually coherent teaching translatable into a calculated public policy; To give expression to the accumulated wisdom of the past and the responsible skepticism invested in their every day actions and life choices within the greater and all-encompassing work of their leaders; And bring them together with the ideas they have always recognized as true, even if not exposed to them as articulated knowledge, not knowing how these ideas serve the issues dearest to their hearts.

Join the Conservative Movement, and We’ll Do It Together

Amiad Cohen, Herut Center CEO